Couldn’t even get a Biden to run in Delaware

In more bad political news for Congressional Democrats, Beau Biden, the vice president’s son and the party’s top choice for a Senate candidacy in Delaware, announced to his backers this morning that he would not seek the Senate seat vacated by his father, Joseph R. Biden Jr., last year.

So, in a political climate when you have Democrat after Democrat in what SHOULD be safe, re-electable districts, deciding to retire, along comes a Biden who takes a pass on running for the US Senate in Delaware. Marion Berry in Arkansas ran UNOPPOSED in 2008 and he is taking a pass. Sure, they’re all saying they have family concerns. But if the political climate was better. If they had better than a 50/50 shot at holding their seat, they would be there anyway. And just how often does a seat in the US Senate come along on a silver platter? A Senate seat set aside for the son of the Vice-President. Appointment made by an outgoing governor before the incoming governor.  And the Republican opponent? A VERY popular Mike Castle. A septuagenarian Republican in Delaware, with over 70% approval.

Then you have Harry Reid. They are actually saying the seat would be more competitive in Nevada if Harry Reid stepped aside. You’re going to hear it over and over again this year. Couldn’t even get a Biden to run in Delaware. 

Think Terry’s going to win that bet?

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