Biblical Rainfall Coming

Will next week’s rain bring more landslides to Orange County?

For several days now the weather babes (and men too) on T.V. and the National Weather Service have been predicting a series of major storms will hit Southern California starting Sunday night.

We do need rain, but what they are predicting from at least three major storms is alarming.

Up to 8 inches of rain in the lowlands of Orange County, as much as 20 inches in the mountains with up to 8 feet of snow in the higher elevations in the San Bernardino and San Jacinto mountains is being predicted. In fact, one forecast is warning about the potential for avalanches they anticipate so much snow to fall. Another calls what is coming “record breaking.”

We have seen several predictions for major rainfall in the last few years turn out to fizzle. The excuses range from “the storm went south of us” to “the storm weakened as it approached. I remember one prediction two years ago for a storm that would bring us 3-5 inches, turned out to be less than an inch.

So, it is hard to accept the current alarming predictions. But, what if they are right? Better safe than sorry I guess. I have decided to do my part – will not wash my car this weekend.

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