Adios Anthony Adams!

Time for Assemblyman Anthony Adams to put away the balloons – he is retiring from the State Legislature

“Announcing my decision not to run for re-election at this time will give ample notice to potential candidates in (Assembly District) 59 and it will give voters plenty of time to sort out who will best represent them in 2011 and beyond,” Adams, R-Hesperia, said in a statement after informing the Assembly Republican Caucus of his decision,” according to the Victorville Daily Press.

I wonder what position Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will be appointing Adams to?  Surely he will reward Adams for voting to increase our taxes. 

Well, Mike Schroeder may have failed to recall Adams, but now Adams is done anyway.  Count this as a victory for the Tax Revolt!  Let’s see what hack the GOP comes up with to replace him…

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