AB 1590 Dies on the Floor! Amendments turned it into a monstrosity! Solorio and Tran just watch it die! We can rebuild it! We can make it better!

So, thought you should hear it from me first:  Jose Solorio’s &Van Tran’s bill AB 1590 to stop the sale of the Fairgrounds got amended while going through the Appropriations Committee to the point where it became a useless bill, and its authors “let it die on the floor” and just watched, as dramatized for posterity here:

It’s all good, though:  Jose is rewriting the bill in a way that will make it more effective, as detailed in this article. We can rebuild it!  We can make it stronger!  We have the technology!

But aside from this bill, we are fighting this Tainted Sale on several other fronts.  The important thing is that Arnold and his DGS (Department of General Services) still haven’t decided whether to accept the $56.5 million bid from Craig Realty.  So please continue to ask Arnold THIS:  Do not sell the Orange County Fairgrounds to a private developer! (note the new emphasis)

To contact Arnold,  click here: http://gov.ca.gov/interact
Phone him here: 916-445-2841
and Fax here: 916-558-3160

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