We Be Christian Side-Hugging! Gimme that Christian Side Hug, That Christian Side Hug!

Leave it to the Xtian Taliban to inspire dorky white “rappers” to produce a video making HUGS now seem awkward.   So breathtakingly bad, you might find yourself unable to stop viewing these goofs!  “Gimme that Christian Side-Hug, Gimme that Christian Side-Hug, I’m a Rough Rider!”…… (what the…..!  lol).  Really, it’s so horrible that it really is Awesome!  A trifecta of epic FAIL:  rap music, religion, and posers.   Enjoy!                      

Man, that thing has it all:  Star Wars theme running in the background, gunshots, sirens, do-rags, side hugging…. you name it!    I have a special version for my buddy, Lam Pho, if he still has the music in his head and wants to see more.  It is a version with subtitles and commentary and special visuals to accompany the Xtian Side Hugging rap song.    This one’s for you,    Lam Pho         😉

Is it ANY wonder that Christians are having to opt out of religion altogether after being exposed to this kind of nonsense?    This is an excerpt from the comments section following The Young Turk’s Youtube posting:   “Police sounds, ruff riders, gun sounds, pretty much all of Jesus’ message condensed into one song.”         Yep!

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