More Cutesy Talk from Rep. John Campbell

In a odd twist of irony, Representative John Campbell (R. CA-48) is blogging missives at  Ironic  and  hypocritical, because he REFUSED to have even ONE TOWNHALL meeting on health care over this past summer when scores of REAL REPRESENTATIVES of both parties were actually holding these kinds of informational events.  So what’s our little NON-Representative blogging about?   “Obamanomics”.   That’s his brand of cutsey talk he’s using to undermine the difficult task that REAL REPRESENTATIVES are taking to try fix the nation’s current economic crisis. 

INSTEAD of providing REAL discussions about what can be done to get our country back on track, Campbell is taking silly to the next level by equating  our current economic stall out ( job losses, credit problems, forclosures, extreme unemployment, small business expansion and astronomical national debt) to some  personal diet program and counting calories he has on his mind.    This is what he think passes as important conversation regarding attempts to stimulate the economy:   “Using these methods, in Obama speak, today I created or saved 3,000 calories towards my diet. Clearly, I could have eaten 300 more calories if I tried, but I “saved” those calories due to my stimulus plan. At this rate, I could lose 100,000 calories while still gaining weight! Now, that is Obamanomics.”     – – John Campbell, 12-2009

It’s about time this guy got exposed as the POSEUR that he is.  He  just doesn’t care.  He’ll never get it.  He’s just gotten used to saying “NO” and he has absolutely no ideas of his own.  It’s time to get this grifter off the public dole.    More of John Campbell’s latest confusion and blather at this       LINK

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