When will the Liberal OC report that Janet Nguyen is co-chairing the GOP campaign against Senator Correa?


When the news broke this week that Supervisor Janet Nguyen is going to be co-chairing the campaign of her fellow Republican, Sue Perez, against State Senator Lou Correa we jumped on the story right away.

The O.C. Register did too.  They found out that Perez is running for the 34th Senate District as a carpetbagger.

How about the blue boys at the fading Liberal OC Blog?  They spent the week attacking this blog and promoting Beth Krom, who will likely go on to lose to Congressman John Campbell.  There was not a peep from the Liberal OC about Nguyen’s attack on Correa.

As we revealed in our post about Janet co-chairing the Perez campaign, it was Correa who helped her get the money to conduct her recount when she was challenged by Trung Nguyen.  This is how she pays back that kindness by Correa.

And not a word from the Liberal OC.  Over the past year we have often referred to the Lib OC crew as “Jannies.”  Everyone knows that Phil Bacerra is her right hand and he has brought Lib OC bloggers Chris Prevatt and Claudio Gallegos to her.

So will the Liberal OC ever tell their readers that Nguyen is running the nutter campaign against Correa?  Don’t hold your breath…  While the Liberal OC’s motto is “Challenging the Right Wing Noise Machine,” more often than not they are in bed with members of said machine.

Their reward?  The Liberal OC once again fell out of the Blognetnews.com blog rankings this week.  They failed to report about Nguyen.  They also failed to tell their readers that Chris Norby endorsed Shawn Nelson this week.  Even worse – they failed to be at all interesting.

The blogosphere is very forgiving – but readers won’t visit boring blogs that have nothing of substance to report.  And blogging about Krom 24/7 is just not good reading!

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