Thoughts on Thanksgiving Eve

Depression Thanksgiving

The stores were jammed today, from COSTCO to Albertson’s and everything in between. The primary target of all this shopping seemed to be food – the $ 5.99 pumpkin pies at COSTCO were flying out the door, and that is not easy as those pies are huge (and reportedly quite good too). Baskets heaping with food items streamed into parking lots as vehicles were loaded with the staples needed for a feast tomorrow. I noticed some large flat screen t.v.’s being loaded into vehicles too – all the better for the upcoming USC-UCLA football game.

My car thermometer said it was 83 – another day in paradise. My mailbox delivered several solicitations to feed the homeless, including from the Salvation Army and the Orange County Rescue Mission. The Register reported, predictably, that contributions to United Way are down this year and the need for services is up. The checker at Albertson’s asked me if I wanted to donate a dollar to help feed a family. The news reported an estimated 20,000 people will get a free Thanksgiving meal at the Anaheim Honda Center tomorrow, compliments of numerous businesses and hotels and the Anaheim Ducks, but especially due to the annual commitment of restaurateur Frank Garcia of La Casa Garcia restaurant.

In this current heat wave the County of Orange announced that the Armory based homeless shelters are opening for the season to provide a place for the homeless to escape the cold. When I first saw the article I thought maybe they were announcing the opening of cooling centers so the elderly and feeble might escape the heat, but no. Not to worry I guess – it is supposed to cool off considerably starting Saturday.

The mail also brought literature from the local Infiniti dealer, offering special lease pricing on their various vehicles, from about $ 399 per month to over $ 700 per month, depending on the model. I doubt many of the folks at the armories, or at the Pond’s Thanksgiving Dinner tomorrow, would be interested in this deal.

We are in a major recession. Unemployment is high, some people are losing their homes and Orange County seems to have it all. Let’s hope everyone can take time to consider what they have, whether a free meal or a $ 700 per month luxury vehicle, and give thanks. Then those with money, or credit, can get ready for the Black Friday sales starting in some places at 5 AM. Sometimes I have to keep reminding myself there is a recession out there. Pass the pumpkin pie.

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