The real rogue is Levi Johnston

Levi Johnston's playgirl picture

What’s most interesting about Sarah Palin’s new book, “Going Rogue,” isn’t the book itself but rather what she left out of it.  She did not mention Levi Johnston, the hockey player who impregnated her daughter, during Palin’s ridiculous run as V.P. nominee for the Republican Party.

“Equally revealing is the one boldfaced name conspicuously left unmentioned in the book: Levi Johnston, the father of Palin’s grandchild. Though Palin and McCain milked him for photo ops at the Republican convention, he is persona non grata now that he’s taking off his campaign wardrobe. Is Johnston’s fledgling porn career the problem, or is it his public threats to strip bare Palin family secrets as well? “She knows what I got on her” is how he put it. In Palin’s interview with Oprah last week, it was questioning about Johnston, not Katie Couric, that made her nervous,” according to Frank Rich, in the New York Times.

It is ironic that at a time when Palin is soaking up the media, Johnston is threatening to one up her, as his upcoming Playgirl pictorial is going to be big news.

Levi Johnston's camera pic

Levi’s Twitter page includes links to pictures like this one

And you have to wonder what Johnston has on Palin.  He has dropped some hints already.  And in his Twitter feed you catch some of it.  For one thing, he says that he has never been paid to do a talk show, unlike you know who.

I think Johnston nailed it.  Palin is using her idiot followers to get rich.  That is her real goal.  She won’t run for President.  She will just milk her fifteen minutes for far too long.

Johnston may end up with a longer career…

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