Surprise! General Moonbeam doesn’t know the law!


Have you heard the one about the pimp, prostitute, politician and the community organizer?

General Jerry Moonbeam is a national joke, with good reason. But the latest escapade of selective application of the law may finally reveal just how unfit he is. The San Diego office of ACORN is accused of a massive 20,000 page document dump just days after it was made aware that the state would be investigating. Instead of being outraged at the attempted cover up and disposal of documents that should have been under lock and key, Brown rambles about the 60’s and how trash is private and the scavengers violated the law. Then he actually cites a poll that says 52% of Republicans think ACORN stole the election for Obama. So what? Where does that come in to making sure 13 year old girls aren’t prostituted out thanks to your local neighborhood group? Why does anyone care what Republicans think in a blue state where General Moonbeam has held nearly every political office over the last 35 years?

The people are entitled to a full accounting of all the evidence, and General Moonbeam doesn’t know his law. In the 80’s, when General Moonbeam was huddled in his Progressive Retreat, or wherever, the Supreme Court ruled in California v. Greenwood, 486 U.S. 35 (1988) that there is no expectation of privacy. Moreover, that law about scavenging for garbage has long been overturned by the Supreme Court. It’s one of the few times I have agreed with Art Pedroza about the law. Locking up trash cans is a double edged sword. Better to be able to find evidence like ACORN dumping docs than keep a few immigrants from recycling.

Now, certainly like any good Progressive, General Moonbeam is going to be relying on the shock troops of the so-called Neighborhood Organizations to gin up the votes for his election. Stuff those ballot boxes so to speak. It sure didn’t hurt Obama did it? So investigating them has got to be touchy. Certainly easier to say “Case closed. People were fired. Move on.” like a good leftist. But as The Orange County Register points out, that might cost him the election.

Big whoop. The Democrats aren’t going to field any serious candidates in the next couple of elections anyway. They don’t want to get whupped and ruin the chances of EVER being able to tell you how to run your life THEIR way. So General Moonbeam is only in because everybody who might be serious is OUT.

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