Schwarzenegger punks the state GOP again by nominating Maldonado to be Lt. Governor

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger & Abel Maldonado

Arnold picked State Senator Abel Maldonado to be our new Lt. Governor

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has picked Sen. Abel Maldonado to replace Democrat John Garamendi as our Lt. Governor, pending approval by the State Legislature.  Maldonado, “who like the governor is a moderate Republican. A 42-year-old lawmaker and broccoli farmer from near Santa Barbara, Mr. Maldonado broke a five-day budget-session impasse in February when he cast the final Republican vote needed to approve a series of spending cuts and tax hikes to close a then-$42 billion budget shortfall,” according to the Wall St. Journal.

By appointing Maldonado, Schwarzenegger is also punking the state GOP.  It is likely that the Democrats will pick up his State Senate seat, probably with one of their local Assemblymen.  That will of course open up another legislative seat to yet another special election.

Will the State Legislature approve Maldonado’s nomiation?  You have to believe that the Democrats will support this as they owe Maldonado for his vote last year, and they want his State Senate seat.  The Republicans are another matter altogether.  Two Republican State Senators are running for Lt. Governor.  And the rest of them aren’t big fans of Maldonado. 

Maldonado also peeved his red brethren by putting an Open Primary measure on the ballot, as part of his deal to approve the tax increase.

Will Maldonado be able to turn this nomination into something else?  Perhaps, but not for some time.  Until the Open Primary becomes a reality there is no way the state GOP will elect him in a primary.  He will have to be patient and bide his time.

And the California Republican Party continues its slide into oblivion…

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