Republican who never voted running for California Secretary of State

 Damon Dunn, a former NFL and Stanford University football player who now lives in Irvine, announced today he will seek the Republican nomination for Secretary of State next year, with eyes on challenging the Democratic incumbent, Debra Bowen, in the fall general election,” according to the Total Buzz blog.

Dunn, who is African American, is a Republican. And he candidly admits that he has not voted ever, except for this year. Yet he wants to be our next Secretary of State. 

I don’t think the incumbent, Debra Bowen, has anything to worry about. She has actually done a great job so far.

But Dunn’s message is a good one, in that he is focusing on getting young people registered to vote.  And get this, he works in Santa Ana!

“Damon currently volunteers in Santa Ana elementary schools implementing the Latino Educational Attainment Initiative (LEA). The purpose of the LEA is to help Latino parents become more effective advocates for their children, particularly as it relates to their education,” according to his online bio.

What is it with all these Republican candidates who have not voted?  Weird.

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