President Obama addresses the Tragedy at Fort Hood this week

We owe our troops prayerful, considered decisions about when and where we commit them to battle to protect our security and freedom, and we must fully support them when they are deployed. We also owe them the absolute assurance that they’ll be safe here at home as they prepare for whatever mission may come. As Commander-in-Chief, I won’t settle for anything less.   

This nation will never forget the service of those we lost at Fort Hood, just as we will always honor the service of all who wear the uniform of the United States of America. Their legacy will be an America that is safer and stronger – an America that reflects the extraordinary character of the men and women who serve it.         – – President Barack Obama

Full transcript at this         LINK

One of the things that I have appreciated with the new administration is the commitment to a “Weekly Address” by our president where he makes a video to sum up important developments that demand attention for the week.  These video sessions can be accessed on Youtube or at the White House site, directly.  There is always a link to the actual text transcript of each video, too.

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