Palienated: Quitter, Sarah Palin, stands up fans at her book signing!

Roguester, Sarah Palin, quit in the middle of a book signing event.  The Quitta from Wassilla!  Strikes again…….  This video is a must-see for Teabaggers and is great entertainment for anyone else who knows the name, Sarah Palin  😉

Sarah Palin fans waited HOURS in the cold and rain for their chance to speak with her and get their books signed in Noblesville, Indiana.  However, she stopped signing books when she got to the Letter “N” and turned away hundreds of disappointed fans.  Angered by her sudden quitting, many of the fans went out to confront her departing bus, chanting “Quitter!” and “Sign our Books!”.    

That’s right Palin! You show those elitist politicians how to treat the American people! Good job!

I don’t know who’s the biggest idiot Sarah or her delusional fans!


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