OC’s top Mexican haters showed up for Bill Hunt’s reception

Bill Hunt, Joe Arpaio and Barbara Coe

It’s a Mt. Rushmore of hate!  Pictured: Joe Arpaio, Barbara Coe and Bill Hunt (Picture courtesy of the OC Weekly)

Are you wondering what happened yesterday at Republican candidate for O.C. Sheriff Bill Hunt’s reception?  As we disclosed earlier last week, Hunt invited notorious Mexican hating Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio to be his keynote speaker.  And the O.C. haters showed up in droves!

Red County blogger Allan Bartlett, who is also an OC GOP Central Committe member, wrote about the event over at his own blog.  Bartlett, like most Republicans, appears to be clueless about how offensive these people are – and his own coverage teeters into hater talk too.  Here are a few excerpts:

So I’m pulling into the parking lot before the event and sure enough there are lots of protesters and media outside the Phoenix Club.  It looked mostly like La Raza types and local spanish media.  They were all speaking spanish over the bullhorn.  I still will never understand that.  We speak English in America guys.

Bill Hunt was next to speak, but before he spoke, he was given about a ten minute introduction by Tim Whitacre for all the viewing audience at home online.  The event was streamed live on Bill’s website.  Tim gave everyone who doesn’t know Bill the cliff notes version of Bill’s life the last six years.  So Bill got up and spoke for about fifteen minutes.  His best line of the night really hit home….

Next up was Arpaio, and our friends at the OC Weekly provided his “best” 18 lines.  Here are just a few of them:

1) “I apologize for the protesters outside. They go wherever I go, If you know a good Mexican restaurant, go and tell them where it is. I know in Phoenix I can’t go to a Mexican restaurant. When I walk in, most of the workers run out the back door or spit in my food.”

5) [Looking around for Hunt while talking about the candidate] “Where’s Bill? Is he trying to get votes outside? I hope he speaks Spanish.”

6) “We got Army tents from New Mexico. We made a midnight requisition. We set them up at a waste disposal plant. A half million people have gone through the tents. We only put the convicted people there. The 8,000 innocent people are in jail.”

8) [After being informed Bill Campbell was the member of the Orange County Board of Supervisors who’d recently visited his tents] “Why isn’t he here? I’m here. Your sheriff [Sandra Hutchens] did not come. A captain did. I told the captain, ‘Why are you here? Where is the sheriff?’ He said, ‘I dunno.'”

13) “I spent 25 years in drug enforcement. I’m one of the people who knows what a border is. Most politicians wouldn’t know where to find it.”

14) “Nine [federal] attorneys came after me, investigated me, because I enforce all of the laws. Sad, very sad. So I kicked them all out. I gave the FBI director pink underwear. They got very quiet.”

15) “These guys outside have signs of me with Hitler, Nazis. They brought some of their signs. They hold them in front of my office in Maricopa County. I could pay them to do it every day. I had Al Sharpton come out [to protest]. I raised a lot of money from that. I should have paid for a first-class ticket for him.”

16) “I’ve been sheriff for five terms. . . . I could be governor, but I don’t want to be governor. I want to be sheriff. I get more press in one day than the governor does. And, two: I can lock up the governor.”

17) “I’ve stopped human smugglers heading for California. You people should thank me. Why doesn’t The Terminator call?”

18) “If they don’t like me, don’t insult the uniform. That’s what they do: insult the uniform. One thing they know is I’m elected, they can’t get rid of me. That’s why I’m running again. I have a book titled America’s Toughest Sheriff. My next one is going to be America’s Oldest Sheriff.”

Click here to read the rest of the OC Weekly’s article.

anti arpaio protesters

Anti Joe Arpaio protesters (Picture Courtesy of the O.C. Register)

Even the O.C. Register’s coverage noted what a scumbag Arpaio is:

Self-proclaimed “America’s Toughest Sheriff” Joe Arpaio of Arizona brought some unusual baggage Thursday to Orange County.

In town to bless the campaign of sheriff’s candidate Bi ll Hunt, Arpaio was dogged by reports that he was being investigated by the FBI for engaging in vendettas against political enemies.

The O.C. Register also noted that about 50 protesters showed up to the event.  So did CCIR founder Barbara Coe, who is perhaps the Queen of the O.C. haters.

“We’re going to put (Hunt) in the chair,” gushed illegal immigration activist Barbara Coe, as she flung her arms around Arpaio.

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