Mike Schroeder fails to recall Assemblyman Anthony Adams


Mike Schroeder hasn’t been the same since he had to turn in his Reserve Sheriff Deputy badge and gun…

“An anti-tax recall movement against Assemblyman Anthony Adams, R-Hesperia, has failed to gather enough valid signatures to go to the ballot, the California Secretary of State’s office announced Friday,” according to the Sacramento Bee.

I would not interpret this as meaning that the anti-tax movement is weakening.  Rather it is a sign that OC GOP powerbroker Mike Schroeder just doesn’t have the pull he used to.  He has been losing power ever since his boy Mike Carona got indicted and booted out of the O.C. Sheriff’s office.

The Adams recall was Schroeder’s brainchild.  It’s failure has to be pinned on him.

Honestly, I would have been happy to see Adams recalled – but most of our legislators suck and deserve to be recalled.  Adams is just one lame Assemblyman in a sea of them.

Just as the Republicans have lost control of California so too are the OC Republicans beginning to slip.  The only thing that will keep them in power is the equally lame Democrats over at the DPOC. 

And you wonder why so many voters are going independent or decline to state?

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