Leftist Rats Deserting the Sinking Ship


News this week is not good for the carpet chewers. Democrat incumbents in handily won Obama areas are not running for re-election. The heart can be weak when the road is long and looks like a loss anyway. The lower The One goes, the grimmer Reid’s and Pelosi’s prospects get. (In fact, there’s been virtually no bounce from PelosiCare’s passage in the House.) In fact, ObamaCare itself is now so unpopular that Obama’s ratings, flaccid though they are, are actually helping to boost support for the bill.

What with the Democrat gold standard of polling, Gallup, finally giving up the ghost and admitting, like all the other poll services, that Obama is below 50% in approval ratings. With 53% of independents and 61% of whites disapproving of the Presidents agenda and handling of his duties, it isn’t hard to discern what’s going on. With those kinds of numbers, politician are the first ones to watch for acts of self preservation. Like the mid-range furniture stores are the ones to watch for signs of coming economic decline. The little signs are all there.



Governor Jim Doyle, Wisconsin, is the first Democrat to win re-election in this state in a generation and would have been the first politician to win a third term in a long time. Unemployment hovers around 9%, his poll numbers are in the 40’s and he’s raised taxes and fees. In all, a tough road and not one wants to conclude a political career with. Keep those numbers in mind. You’ll see them in many states in the upcoming election. Since Obama has admitted he owns the state of the economy, it will be Democrats who will take the blows.







Rep Dennis Moore, Kansas, is a cowardly Democrat who would not meet his constituents in Townhalls, claims he has gotten threats because of his stand on health care and is being run out of town because of his votes. Kansas seems to be getting its rationality back.









kino_flores_mugshotState Rep. Kino Flores, Texas, is a corrupt Democrat indicted on several counts. what else is new for Democrats?











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