Inmate Timothy L. Redman Tortured to Death at Ely State Prison, Nevada





Nevada Warden, E.K. McDaniels’  “trophy potograph” of Timothy Redman after a beating received at Ely State Prison in 2000.  A portion of the man’s face was torn off by guards.

From the human rights group, Make the Walls Transparent,     “They pumped can after can of pepper spray into the cell; they came back every 20 minutes and emptied another can …a big can, maybe half the size of a hairspray can. Then an officer looked in the cell, turned to the lieutenant and said, Hey, This guy hung himself.”

The lieutenant answered,”Spray him again!”

Yesterday morning, Timothy Redman, a death row inmate at Ely State Prison hung himself in his cell after being tortured for 2-2 1/2 hours, sprayed repeatedly with mace, until he couldn’t take it anymore and hung himself. The unit was immediately locked down.

The warden reportedly came to the unit and stood outside the cell making jokes and laughing as Timothy’s dead body was removed. The White Pine County Sheriff arrived, cordoned off the area with yellow crime scene tape, and allegedly stood around laughing with the warden and associate warden. A doctor came to pronounce him dead. Correctional officers rolled up his property and emptied his cell. Timothy was rolled past other inmates without so much as a cover over his face; his face blue and just barely laying correctly on the gurney.                           LINK
This was no suicide.  This was MURDER.

WHY is thuggery allowed to run our prisons?   Trapping and torturing a prisoner to death is inexcusable.  There needs to be federal oversight for rogue institutions like this one.  90% of inmates will eventually be released into the general public.  Abuses to prisoners breed mental illness and aggression that will eventually  threaten harm to innocents.  Brutality by prison authorities is a terrible return for taxpayer dollars.

For anyone interested in learning more,  please visit the Nevada Prison Watch  site

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