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Leftists at war…

The Fort Hood massacre will hopefully be in all our hearts in the coming days and weeks. The pregnant mother going home, the furniture store employee looking to make a difference… all these people were struck down in brutal and cold blooded fashion. Unfortunately, the true nature of the attack was distorted and lost in the first few hours after the news broke worldwide. Questions about whether or not Maj Hasan was an Ismalic extremist inserts an unnecessary equation into the query. The fact is, you don’t need to be an Islamic extremist who shoots people to qualify as a terrorist. Fundamentally, anti-American beliefs breed this kind of extreme action.  Whether or not Maj Hasan was a fanatical Muslim or a Sirhan Sirhan or a Lee Harvey Oswald doesn’t make any difference.

Last July, Major Hasan was transferred to Fort Hood. This is after he was known to have berated colleagues that “infidels should be beheaded”. And the Obama administration was ready to send this man into the combat zone. It was hostage to Leftist political correctness, and it cost men and women of our armed forces their lives. Of course, the first attempt of state run media was to make the man a victim. This is their favorite way of excusing deplorable behavior. When abortionist George Tiller is shot Obama says ” I am shocked and outraged.” When 13 members of the Armed Forces are gunned down by someone his administration should have red flagged, profiling be damned, he says “Let’s not jump to conclusions.”

This is a fundamental tool of terror. Quiet the opposition.

Why, the man’s a victim. Can’t talk about his actions.

Why, those people are victims of your racism, can’t talk about them breaking laws. They’re inconvenient laws, anyway. 

Why, those people are victims, can’t talk about them breaking into stores. That’s just protest.

Get the picture? Its a slow methodical process of training you to not stand up to injustice and law breaking. Its a way to degrade the society and culture a little at a time and make you just a little more afraid to speak out. Time after time. And that’s terror too.

Code Pink sounds like the Taliban, Al Qaeda sounds like John Kerry and John Murtha sounds like Michael Moore. Their kind of talk breeds mistrust, disunity, disinformation and sedition. This is terror too.

At the least, if buying gold, owning guns, donating to charity and using a watch are considered suspicious activity, the above certainly qualify. Either way, I won’t quibble. Point made.

Speaker Pelosi on incarcerating terrorists…

This is a time when the Golden Rule really should be in affect [sic]. Do not do unto others, what you would not have them do unto your troops, your CIA agents, your people in the field.

In other words, maybe if we upgrade the halal honey glazed chicken, lemon baked fish, etc. they’ve been scarfing at Club Gitmo to champagne and caviar, they’ll stop torturing and dismembering any Americans they can get their hands on. For once a Christian concept makes sense to the Dems and they still can’t get it right.

Not only did leftists support some of Osama’s contentions; they authored them. In point of fact, Osama bin Laden has for years cribbed whole sections of his messages from the Left – freely citing Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11, praising Noam Chomsky by name, and citing a Democratic congressional candidate’s ridiculously inflated estimate of civilian deaths – in order to incite worldwide jihad against our soldiers. And civilians. In return, a number of leftist bloggers voiced newfound respect for bin Laden, calling him “not a raving religious fanatic” but “a political revolutionary with a strong sense of suffered injustice”. – The Daily Kooks

These are the real terrorists in your society. Sure, someone may blow up a truck. Somewhere, someone may blow themselves up in a market. But a society already lives with that everyday. And they get up, and get back on the bus, and go back to the cafe, and live their lives in Tel Aviv or Haifa. But we don’t have any of that here, and we are more afraid to live our lives, speak the truth, be free of lawbreakers, and have justice over compassion, than they are.


Shout out to Joe Lieberman for not fronting for the Leftists! Misrepresenting massive graft and protection for special interests is not Health Insurance Reform.

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