Who is Desiree Mouzoon?

Desiree Mouzoon

Desiree Mouzoon has gone from obscurity to fame, since Channel 2/9 T.V. reporter Dave Lopez went on the air with a report that she allegedly was caught in a compromising position in a vehicle, with Mike Duvall, the disgraced Republican legislator who ended up quitting the State Assembly after he was caught talking about sex with lobbyists by an open microphone in the legislative chambers.

But who exactly is Mouzoon?  All we know right now is that she is a Republican fundraiser and, according to her Facebook page she is involved in a relationship with GOP consultant/pollster Adam Probolsky.  So let’s take a closer look at Mouzoon.

Mouzoon is linked to both Duvall and his wannabe replacement, Linda Ackerman, an utterly inexperienced and unqualified Republican candidate for the 72nd Assembly District.  Some of her defenders have stated that Mouzoon did not have ties to Duvall.  That is not true at all.

I looked up Duvall’s 2007/2008 campaign finance reports and found 7 payments to Mouzoon’s firm, Dez and Associates, in 2007 and 2008, for a total of 29,728.70.  A separate report recorded seven more payments to Dez & Associates in 2007, for a total of $17,115.40.

And I looked up Duvall’s 2009/2010 campaign finance reports and found nine payments to Dez and Associates, for a total of 10,834.97.

But who exactly is Mouzoon?

Desiree Mouzoon and her pal

Desiree Mouzon and a friend, from her Facebook page

Her website includes a brief bio:

Desiree Mouzoon is Principal of Dez & Associates. Desiree is a former high school English teacher and school activities director. Having left the world of education she maintains a passion for children, class room education, and after school programs.

Since 2004 Desiree has raised funds for a multitude of clients including Senator Bob Margett, Senator Jeff Denham, and the Orange County Fair’s Centennial Farm Foundation.

Desiree received her Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Cal State Fullerton with a Minor in Political Science, and received her Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of California Irvine’s Paul Merage School of Business. Desiree is a three-time marathon finisher.

Mouzoon’s other clients include:

  • California Hospital Association PAC
  • Apartment Association of Orange County
  • Probolsky Research LLC
  • Townsend Public Affairs
  • State Senator Mark Wyland
  • State Senator Bruce McPherson
  • Larry Dick, Candidate for the 60th Assembly District
  • Councilman Steve Knoblock, San Clemente City Council
  • Councilman Eric Bever, Costa Mesa City Council
  • Neal Blais, past GOP Assembly candidate
  • Assemblyman Jeff Miller

Mouzoon also worked for the disgraceful former O.C. Sheriff Mike Carona, as evidenced in a 2006 campaign finance report you can read by clicking here.  Here is a photo excerpt:

Desiree Mouzoon worked for Mike CaronaNow we know why Mouzoon hired the law firm, Jones Day, that represented Carona for free after he got indicted…

How did Mouzoon get her start?  She actually issued a press release explaining how it all came together for her.  Click here to read that release.  That release includes a quote from none other than disgraced former O.C. Sheriff Mike Carona’s wife, Debbie, in her capacity as a member of the O.C. Fair Board.

In the press release she claims she started in 2004, doing fundraising for Bob Margett in his State Senate reelection campaign.  Then she mentions Mike Duvall: “She then launched Mike Duvall’s campaign for State Assembly by raising his first dollar and to date has been responsible for having raised him more than half a million dollars. “Dez & Associates is one of the premier fund raising firms in Southern California. Their work on my behalf has been remarkable,” explained Assemblyman Mike Duvall.”

Actually however, I found proof that Mouzoon worked for Margett before she became his fundraiser.  Click here to see the minutes from the “Legislative Coalition,” which mentions that Mouzoon represents Margett: “Desiree Mouzoon, representing Sen. Margett, discussed the governor’s proposed 2004-2005 budget.”

And now of course Mouzoon is working for Linda Ackerman, as evidenced in this video:

I could not find much on Mouzoon from her early days, except for this article from Cal State Fullerton:

Mouzoon School Spirit

Mouzoon also does pro-bono work for a couple of charities.

Mouzoon is not the enemy – she is just a cog in the works of the lobbyist/consultant cabal that rules the roost in the OC GOP.  But she is a linkage between Duvall and Ackerman and as such she is an important figure in the race between Ackerman and Norby.  Mouzoon is proof that the very same people who created and elected Duvall are now conspiring to elect Linda Ackerman – and that is something we need to prevent at all costs.


OC Young Republican Calendar Picture

One last note – the Republicans like to say that they are the family values party.  I think however that we need to question why the GOP establishment keeps treating women like objects.  They use the Young Republican organizations as farm teams for their future paramours.  Check out the picture above – that comes from a calendar produced by the OC Young Republicans.

How many of these young women will end up satisfying pigs like Duvall and Carona?  Or raising money for them?

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