Norby commanding lead with absentee voters in upcoming special election in 72nd A.D.


Norby commanding lead with absentee voters in upcoming special election in 72nd A.D.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009 a.m.

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In the special election for the 72nd Assembly District to be held in 21 days, Chris Norby has a commanding lead over Linda Ackerman among permanent absentee voters, according to a new poll.

According to cross-tabulations of a new scientific poll of Republican voters in the 72nd Assembly District, Orange County Supervisor Chris Norby has a commanding lead over opponent Linda Ackerman among permanent absentee voters in the special election.

34.71% of permanent absentee voters who are Republicans state they intend to vote for Norby. 14.88% of these voters state they will vote for Linda Ackerman. Less than half of these voters are undecided.

Absentee voters are generally viewed by campaign professionals as a key demographic in a special election, where total election day voter turnout is typically lower than in a regularly scheduled election.

The poll was conducted October 22-25 for Landslide Communications by NSON Opinion Research. “Top-line” results of the poll were first released to the public yesterday.

Details of the poll, the survey questions, results, and cross-tabulations are available to the public by emailing Jim Lacy at

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