David Letterman outer a National Hero


The disgusting display of leftists in ignoring the behavior of a man who has made a living off of commenting and judging the behavior of others for 20 years is truly telling. Never mind that instead of an off hand comment, Mr Lettermans behavior reveals the truly hypocritical and twisted morality behind todays leftists. Whether it was the temper tantrum he threw when McCain didn’t appear on his show, or his perverted joke about Palins underage daughter, Letterman has shown he can truly stand among his leftist peers.

They’re carpet chewers like Whoopi Goldberg who said about sodomizing a 13 year old “it’s not rape rape“,  Janeane Garofalo, or Bill Maher, who thinks you’ll find conservatives at home dressing as women or smearing feces on themselves. And don’t tell me Bill Maher calls himself a Libertarian. He’s a leftist like the others. I even knew a Leftist Republican once. He’s a Libertarian now too. But they all give to the Democrats. Want a healthy country? End their money supply. Dry up the sick swamp that is Hollywood.

“You know about the Taliban? Over here, we call them ‘healthcare protesters.’ David Letterman”

It will be great to see the great man who judges others and spews such venom taken down a few pegs. David Letterman, CBS should fire your ass and put you on the wall like Dan Rather. Leftists may hoot and howl that conservatives are nothing but a bunch of balding white men, but it seems that Democrats are nothing but a bunch of perverts. This is a Hollywood bunch of socially retarded coprophages who stand up for people who run off to Paris to hide from pedophile charges.


Now, this man Robert Halderman, and the whole “extortion plot”. I think there is going to be a lot more coming out about the whole deal. This is a CBS News Producer, with years of experience breaking news and hundreds of shows to his credit. And he’s going to blackmail David Letterman for a measly $2 million? Wierder still, he asks for a check?

Excuse me, when is the last time a stupid kidnapper in a really bad movie asked for a check? That Mel Gibson movie doesn’t count, the check was a reward. No. An investigative journalist was up to something. He was well paid and highly regarded. I have read he was in debt and I read he had no money problems. I don’t know. 

But what I want to point out is we have only heard one side of this story. And that’s the story that David Letterman fans found so hilarious as he described having been caught in behavior that could damage so many careers, bring so much shame to so many lives and so many lawsuits to CBS.

David Lettermans ratings are up 38%. The Leftists love a perv.

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