Lance MacLean Memorial Dog Park!

Larry Gilbert is arguably our very best friend on planet earth and has been there when we needed him….every time.  We find it only fitting that we jump the Gilbert keyboard however for this particular piece of great social commentary.

Everybody loves dogs.  Dogs are man’s best friend.  They make our lives full of fun and life.  They do have a few problems like their human brothers and sisters, they poop, they sometimes make noise, they can shed great amounts of hair and occasionally they can get angry enough to take a bite out of someone or another dog.   With all those identified concerns, local government has had no qualms about requiring “Leash Laws”, “Poop Bag Dispensers” and even fines for owners that refuse to license their “Best Friends”!  Some cities even require those doggies to have been spade prior to licensing!

Back to the Dog Park: Mission Viejo passed by a four to one vote….a financial set aside of $258,000 dollars to design and construct, plus any additional undetermined design fees from the General Fund for “A Dog Park!”  They then voted three to two for a suitable location at Oso Viejo.  We are sure that Larry Gilbert was not consulted regarding either the price of the project nor the location. 

The details of this “doggie tale”  has yet to be written.  They occur and have occured in the other 13 Communities that offer “Dog Park Facilities”.  What’s the name of the park going to be or how much will it cost to maintain on a yearly basis?  What about public liability Insurance for those that go there or for the City itself?  What about laws regarding the behavior of dog owners within the park – the enforcement cost?  How many dogs will be allowed in the park at one time.  Is there an occupancy maximum?  The list can go on and on….and of course we are not even talking about the many “Cat People”; who will want a “Cat Park” in some open space area!

So, since Mission Viejo Councilman Lance MacClean is  the target of a very serious forthcoming “Recall Election”….we thought it might be a great idea to name that park right now, rather than waiting.  Since we live in Newport Beach, this suggestion has zero force of  law or intent….but think about it:  “The Lance MacClean Memorial Dog Park – taking another bite out of crime!” 

Has sort a ring to it….doesn’t it?

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