Did Linda Ackerman earn a college degree?

Linda Ackerman is Dick Ackerman

Former State Senator Dick Ackerman is trying to get his wife elected to the State Assembly

I was reading Linda Ackerman’s bio today, on her campaign website, and I was stunned to see that she did not mention her education, at all.  Weird!

So I dug around and found a few other bios.  One of them, on the California Republican Party website, noted that she “attended the University of Colorado and majored in foreign languages.”  Attended?  Does that mean she did not finish and get her degree?

Ackerman, a carpetbagger from Irvine, is running for the 72nd Assembly District that was represented by Mike Duvall, a fellow who only had a high school diploma.  She is running against Supervisor Chris Norby, who did finish college and who was a high school history teacher and past Fullerton City Councilman before getting elected to the Board of Supervisors.

If Ackerman did finish college, wouldn’t she say so on her website?  She also failed to note her eduation on her campaign statement.  Shouldn’t she be honest about her education, or lack thereof, with the voters?

Do we really need to elect another under-educated Assembly Representative in the 72nd?  I don’t think so…

College is not a prerequisite to serve in our Legislature, but it can’t hurt.  Even if Linda did earn a degree, I don’t see how an education in foreign languages would serve her in the Legislature. 

There is ample proof that she is not a businesswoman, even though she says she is.  Now it looks like she is also under-educated.  No bueno!

As for Norby, “he graduated from Occidental College (a few years before Obama’s arrival) and received his MA in History from Cal State Fullerton,” according to his County of Orange bio.

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