CBS Should Fire Letterman

David Letterman is a pervert

David Letterman announced on his CBS TV show Thursday night that he has had sex with women who work for him on his show. He and some media are portraying him as a victim because someone tried to blackmail him about these exploits, threatening to go public if he did not pay the blackmailer an amount reported to be about $2 million.

Letterman is no victim; he is by his own admission a perpetrator and exploiter of his position of power over women who work for him. And, in going public with his announcement he has painted all women who have worked with him with the same “I wonder if she did” brush. Look for a slew of lawsuits by CBS women seeking damages for having their character tarnished in this one.

Training of people in a workforce on the subject of sexual harassment, whether supervisors, managers or workers, includes information that a boss-subordinate relationship makes the organization and the employees involved vulnerable. They are vulnerable to creating a hostile work environment in which sexual favors are the way to keep and advance in a job, and they are vulnerable personally as well as organizationally. Letterman’s admission seems to place him squarely in the hostile work environment bull’s eye.

Now that CBS, Letterman’s’ employer, knows this has been going on CBS would be wise from a legal and public relations standpoint to cut its losses by taking decisive action. That action needs to go beyond denouncing Letterman’s admitted behavior and that of the alleged blackmailer.  It needs to take action that demonstrates this kind of on the job behavior by people in positions of power and authority will not be tolerated.  Advertisers should also take action.

Letterman should be put on the bench along with John Edwards, Mike Duvall and the numerous others that have been found to have used their positions of power for personal sexual gratification.

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