Another Day, Another Plop

This post was written by Joe Sipowicz and we just received it by e-mail. Joe seems pretty steamed up so we’re posting it immediately. We reproduce it unedited.

If only I knew what I was talking about I could be relevant...

If only I knew what I was talking about maybe I could be credible...

It’s getting a little weird – not cyber-stalking scary, but pretty weird, nevertheless. Poor Matthew Cunningham seems to have developed an unhealthy obsession with your blog. Everyday brings a new charge against FFFF and its proprietor of some misfeasance, lawbreaking, or general attack. It’s true you have been pretty frank in displaying your dislike for political sycophants and stooges, and have singled out Mr. C on more than one occasion as an example of the type. But still. He seems bent on a vendetta!

Today on his blog he accused Tony Bushala of cyber-squatting on a URL address in violation of campaign laws.

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