Too Big a Bite for President Obama!

President Obama gave a wonderfully compelling speech tonight at a Joint Session of Congress.  His words were clear, strong and the message was very poignant:  He wants National Healthcare!  The President’s carefully crafted words were pure eloquence!  No one can ever doubt what the new Great Communicator can do… was wonderful.  The Flash Poll that followed confirmed that 76 percent agreed that the President had made valid points in favor of his National Healthcare program.

It was telling however, that the Republican side of the Congress failed to rise when the President made his points.  Failed to add their applause to the cause!  Various Republicans looked as if they had swollowed a big green frog with serious amounts of Tex/Mex hot sauce.  After the speech, the Republicans were also remiss in not personally greeting the President with any praise what-so-ever.

As the Republicans know……The Doctors do not want to change the current system….because their kick-backs from Big Phrama might suffer.  In addition, the Doctors incestuous relationship with the Hospital system again might start to be analyzed and their kick-backs….might suffer.  Then we are talking about the relationship of the Hospitals to the Insurance Companies and their basic double and triple billing deals….which are then passed on to the various taxpayers and patients around the country.  Then there is the relationship of the big Insurance Companies with the Big Banks and Institutional Investors throughout the global community.  All of the above are certainly not ready for changing everything around and creating National Healthcare…..ObamaCare or McCainCare or PalinCare for that matter.  The Economic biggies are way too busy sending cash for re-election campaigns!

So, is the President just being naive and are the Democrats just playing the roll of Cyrano DeBergerac?  “He was alright until the fop in the box said…..Your nose is rather large!  Then out sword and to work with all…….and then a mighty thrust home!”  The reality is simple; President Obama is trying to take too big a bite out of the apple.  Everyone knows what happens when you open your mouth so wide…that your teeth get stuck in the apple…..but you can not take even a small bite.  The President needs to understand that his plans for National Healthcare are going to take a careful crafted long term strategy which nibbles away at the indigenous current system……then adds a couple of milliion people to the system every year…..and not try to do the impossible – overnight.  Everyone knows the story of the blind man thinking that a Elephant was actually a snake when he touched the trunk.  So it is for the President and his desire for National Healthcare.  America has had a wonderfully corrupt system since 1965 and gives Healthcare to those that can afford it….and denies it to those that are either too old or too poor to pay for it.  Band-aids and for the rest.  Ever heard of a great HMO?  These need to go the way of the doo-doo bird.

So, what to do?  A good start is to fund two million citizens a year that cannot afford coverage with the new Federal program option.  Two Million….no more!  These people come from the bottom of the economic barrell and should be accepted due to their various levels of infirmity.  In the words of Mel Gibson in “The Patriot”……”aim small hit big!”  This should be a beginning which will yeild 8 million new people Insured into the system by the end of Obama’s 1st term.  His concepts of Co-ops and Exchanges for small business will pass without problem.  His idea to require that Insurance Companies insure those with Pre-Existing Conditions….is guaranteed to raise Insurance Premiums for all of us.  His idea to make Insurance Convertible when someone loses their job….has always been viable…..had the country initially been divided into six managed regions which would require anyone having Insurance in one Region….be required to pick up that coverage in the other five  Regions.

We applaud the President and his desire to do the right thing.  The problem is that “this medical industrial giant” is bigger, stronger and more powerful than any world figure.  To remind you:  Doctors, Hospitals, Insurance Companies, Banks and Institutional Investors, then back to the polictians and their re-election campaigns!  It’s a big circle Mr. President and you are not going to beat them.  Wear them down sir, take your time and together we can make a difference that the world will remember.  That bite of the Apple may be too big right now…..but we maybe together we will be able to nibble “that rotten Apple” into extinction.

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