Public Disgusted with California’s State Government

California government sucks

Admidst on-going budget disasters that are years long and with no foreseeable end, one scandal after another involving State Legislators, reductions in State services, talk about early release of thousands of State prison inmates, and mandatory furloughs of State employees while Legislative staffers are given raises it should be no surprise to anyone that a new poll of State voters finds that the public’s confidence in State Government is almost non-existent.

The Los Angeles Times reports that a new survey found that 73% believe State Government is run for the benefit of special interests, and 3 out of 5 believe the State wastes a lot of taxpayer money. And only 23% believe the State can be trusted to do what is right most of the time.

Remember that guy who ousted Gray Davis and promised that as Governor he would “blow up the boxes”, who railed against taxes – taxes – taxes , and who waived a broom in the air promising to clean house? It seems his failure to follow through on those promises has led to a dismal approval rating of only 30% in this survey.

The survey was undertaken by the Public Policy Institute of California, described in the article as a “nonpartisan think tank”. The survey of 2,006 Californians was done between August 26 and September 2

It sounds like the public is reaching the point where it is mad as hell, and with good reason. The logical question is whether the public will do anything about it. The next election may be a watershed for incumbent Legislators. The public may be sending quite a few messages to Sacramento, regardless of who is there, to get it together.

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