President Obama …hiding in plain sight!

President Obama never ceases to amaze either the United States or various countries throughout the world.  Right now he is on vacation at Martha’s Vineyard.  They are naming Tacos and various drinks after him ….along with a whole array of commemorative T-Shirts.

The President has been banging away at his now famous HealthCare Plan.  They call it: “Obamacare”  in spite of the fact…..that the President extols the virtues for the 47 Million without Heathcare…..not much to do with his own families policy.  In between, he lost a valuable supporter, who had been ailing for sometime:  Ted Kennedy.    His speech at the Kennedy funeral was another grand example of why he won the election.  Eloquent, kind, thoughtful and caring.  Touching but not sappy!

In the meantime, Vice President Biden and his lovely Second Lady have been out there spewing Recovery Cash wherever  they go.  In between, various banks are going under while this process continues.  Colonial and a few others have hit the wall and will either be forced to merge or fail.How many more before the end of the year will be  interesting to observe.

The President has seemed fixated on the healthcare and luckily for most of us…has not gone after the “Cap and Trade Legislation”  with as much vigor even though he wants it implemented too!  Right now, both look in serious trouble.  “The people” – both sides of the aisle – are questioning – which is far worse that just fighting against it.  They want details and answers….all of which will seem to include some serious changes to most people’s current coverage or out of pocket energy expenses.

OK, but what about Osama Bin Laden?  Remember him?  Yeah, he is the guy that has been missing since September 11th, 2001.  We can’t seem to find him – even if we have 60,000 US troups in Afghanistan and the full support of the Pakistani Army.  “Our Generals” want another 60,000 troups and of course, most of the country are sending President Obama….reminder notes about a another place we once got bogged down in…with bunches of serious paid off politicians that thought corruption was something they could make their opponents eat – more often than not.  Remember Saigon, Vietnam?  Sounds like it might rhyme with Kabul…sometime in the future…doesn’t it?

At any rate, President Obama is busy enjoying his extended vacation while occasionally….popping out to play golf with Tiger Woods or taking the girls out sailing ……or who knows what!   He has his team of motivated and aggravated  “policy wonks”….out there!!  MSNBC got busy beating up on Dick Cheney…..but George and Laura looked good at the funeral sitting next to Bill and Hillary.  By the way,  has Hillary changed?  She is actually looking very attractive lately.  Her attitude seems to have changed.  We are not seeing things either….Hillary has already eclipsed Madeline Albright…….and seems to be downright  enjoying herself.

So, Mr. President…..come back early from your “vacation”.  You can always take a few extra days off later in the year.  Take the girls to Disneyland….they would love that. 

Mr. President we need you to concentrate on our economy, unemployment and on keeping a reasonable troop lid on  in Afghanistan.  We need you to stop all those little banks from being gobbled up by the five remaining big ones.  We need you to realize that  it is now football season…and it is time for you to make your  picks.  We need you to stay on top of the various sensitive points in our political and economic systems!  Darn it, we need you!

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