Forget this “Government Takeover” Nonsense




spirit of 76Here’s how it is:  The healthcare struggle  is between the American People and the Insurance Profiteers.   Government is simply a tool, or weapon, to be used by either side.

With apologies to present company, the simplistic knee jerk anti government stance espoused by “Republicans” and “Libertarians” is a philosophy for teenagers and dupes.

Some of you talk like the government is some foreign object  imposed on us from Mars or Soviet Russia.  Was Lincoln just whistling Dixie when he rhapsodized on a “government of the people, by the people and for the people,” designed by our Founding Fathers to “promote the general welfare”?

When We the People give up on the use, care and upkeep of our democratic institutions (as so often in our history) we leave them to their sole use of powerful forces whose appetite for ripping us off is insatiable.  We emulate the beaver, said to bite off his own testicles as a peace offering to his assailants.

A major reason we picked the representatives and President we did in ’06 and ’08 was our desire to change the health care “system” that the Profiteers and their shills in government have burdened us with — a “system” that bankrupts a million of us each year, with a Sept. 11 death toll every three or four weeks.

This year’s timid baby-steps toward reform means we’re finally starting to make the government fight on our side in this life-and-death struggle.   Even so, to call the proposed, modest, premium-funded Public Option (which is non-negotiable to us progressives) a “Government Takeover” is a stretch as ludicrous as … well, calling Obama Hitler.  Oh yeah, I forgot.  They’re doing that, too.

But look at me going on and on and you can’t get a word in edgewise!   I’ll cut this short and write more soon about all the ways corporations use our government to screw us over, how we can use it fight back, and about the Public Option specifically.  Okay, bring it!

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