Facts and Figures on Health Care


The President is giving his Hail Mary speech on Health Care this evening. If history is any guide, it won’t change a thing. Clintons 1993 speech did nothing, and we were all still enthralled with his magic too. The problem is, the White House is still approaching this as a “if the people would just understand” problem, when they already understand. If Obama gets up and tries to sell them what they’re not buying, its going to be a long cold winter for the Obama White House.

Let’s start with some facts. Let’s even be generous. There is a survey by the MoveOn.org backed SurveyUSA that says it is important to have a “choice” between government health insurance and private coverage. Now, that is a very clear and “very narrow” question, upon which advocates of the ObamaCare are pinning their hopes and nascent dreams. The reality is, that ObamaCare is NOT that at all.

The American people aren’t getting real health care reform proposals, and they aren’t getting a chance to “choose” between a government health insurance plan and a private one and they know it. 39% of Americans would tell their member of Congress to vote against health care reform, and 37% want their member to vote in favor. Public disapproval of President Obama’s handling of Health Care has jumped to 52%, and 49% say they oppose the health care reform plans in Congress. They’re getting bills written by lobbyists for special interests like Trial Lawyers and Big Business that have a lot to gain by getting taxpayers to pay for their employees health care.

You can say all day long that people WANT a government insurance option, but President Obama ain’t givin it to them. It’s likely that the numbers are suffering as a result of other plummeting factors, like 52% disapprove of his handling of the economy and 56% dislike his handling of the budget deficit. Even in a good economy, those numbers are enough to strangle even minor efforts. In a bad one, well, I just like to remember Democrat behavior during attempts at Social Security reform and smile. Thats politics!

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