Excessive force at the border – is that possible?

Mexico Border Shootout California

Picture courtesy of the AP

 ­­­­­­­Thursday morning KNX Radio news reported on an incident on Wednesday at the border with Mexico in which several vehicles tried to run through a border crossing point to enter the US and US Border Control officers opened fire on the vehicles as people in the vehicles shot back.  Some kind of shoot-out occurred.

 The report stated that the people who had tried to run the border were human traffickers and that one of the vehicles they were in had previously been stolen from the parking lot at Sea World. Seemed to me that the story was all too typical – criminals from Mexico come into the US to steal cars and take them back to Mexico. Some of those cars are used in criminal activity in Mexico, and in this case to try and run a border crossing and come into the United States.

 It was nice to hear that in at least one instance of human trafficking and illegal entry into the United States the human rights violators and lawbreakers were caught.  Then, the last words of this KNX story hit me between the eyes – “immigration rights advocates decried the incident, stating that Border Agents had used excessive force.”

 Excessive force?  Can there be such a thing when people in stolen cars, some of whom are shooting guns while trying to crash through a border crossing, receive return fire?  Even if they were not shooting, isn’t running the border like that grounds to be shot at?  What have we become if we are now at a point where law enforcement cannot use any means at their disposal to stop and catch people in such a situation? 

 Maybe a good deterrent would be for the United States to announce a shoot to kill policy in any such future incidents.  Otherwise, let’s just announce an open border policy and be done with it. 

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