Chuck DeVore’s campaign owes $106K, but he slams Obama for over-spending

DeVore is in debt

Chuck DeVore sent out yet another of his campaign emails yesterday, this time whining that “Obama and his liberal colleagues in Washington are spending us into oblivion. Meanwhile welfare rolls continue unabated while fraud and abuse run rampant.”

So I wondered if DeVore might in fact be spending himself into oblivion?  The short answer – yes!

If you look at the graphic above you will see that DeVore’s campaign for the U.S. Senate is heavily in debt.  He owes over $106,000!  Ruh-roh!

And it turns out that DeVore’s Assembly campaign accounts are also in debt!  See the figures below.

DeVore in ’08 (active)
Cash (6/30/09) = $2,064.65
Debt (6/30/09) = $31,782.87 (of which $7,800 are loans from himself made in
2009, the rest is accrued expenses)

DeVore in ’04 (active)
Cash (6/30/09) = $224.93
Debt (6/30/09) = $19,308.51 (of which $18,850 are loans from himself made in
2003, the rest is accrued expenses)

Seriously, when is someone in DeVore’s circle going to look him in the eye and say “Chuck, it just isn’t in the cards bro…time to quit!” 

DeVore’s Republican opponent, Carly Fiorina, can probably pay off DeVores’s debts with the shekels under her cushions…

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