Can Andy Quach turn his life around the way U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy did?

Andy Quach Pleads Guilty

Now that Andy Quach has plead guilty, can he change his ways?

“Councilman Andy Quach this morning pleaded guilty to misdemeanor drunk driving charges stemming from an Aug. 2 traffic accident when he crashed his Mercedes S550 into a pole knocking out power to about 300 homes,” according to the O.C. Register.

I have called on Quach to resign from the Westminster City Council, in light of his DUI, but he is not legally bound to do so.

The question remains then, can he turn this around?  We just buried a great politician this past week, former U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy, who also was involved in a car accident.  In Kennedy’s case a lady died.  But he went on to clean himself up and contribute to the U.S. Senate.

Can Quach pull a Kennedy?

I don’t know the answer to that question.  Only Quach knows for sure.  For his sake and the sake of his constituents I do hope he learns from this and cleans up his act.  Heaping more scorn on him is the easy way out.  Instead, I challenge Quach to use this dark episode as an impetus to do well by the voters of his city.  Time to man up Quach and stop acting like a crazed college kid.  I hope you do become a better man for having lived through such a mess.

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