Van Tran’s congressional campaign is done!

Los Trannies Locos

How many of these Trannies were drinking with Andy Quach on Saturday night?

“Assemblyman Van Tran was so disruptive at the scene of the police investigation into Councilman Andy Quach’s car crash that a sergeant had to threaten him with arrest to get him to stay away, according to incident transcripts released today by the police chief,” according to the O.C. Register.

If there is one thing Republican voters won’t tolerate it is politicians who are not tough on crime – and in this case Tran clearly got in the way of police officers who were trying to do their job – which was to arrest Tran’s right-hand man, Quach. It doesn’t help that Quach’s blood alcohol level was allegedly .26, according to the O.C. District Attorney’s office.

And just like that Tran’s congressional campaign was OVER.

But it gets even better…


Here are a few more excerpts from the Register:

The chief said Assemblyman Tran arrived about 13 minutes after the accident.

“I’m with Andy,” Tran told police. “I’m his lawyer.”

Tran was told to step back and away from the scene. Although he complied briefly, he stepped back in and a sergeant had to tell him one more time to stand back, Hall said.

Two minutes later, Hall said, Tran approached the officers one more time and distracted Quach to the extent that it interrupted the field sobriety test that was being administered by a DUI expert.

“I don’t care who you are, you need to back up over there,” the sergeant told Tran. “I understand you’re his attorney but you are interfering. You need to stand over there. If you come back over here, I’m going to have you arrested.”

Quach was reportedly dining with friends Saturday night at West Coast Seafood Buffet on Beach Boulevard, barely a mile from where the accident occurred.

Phat Nguyen, manager of the restaurant, said Quach left the restaurant with friends before 11 p.m. Nguyen said he had invited Quach and a few others to sample their new menu and to celebrate the liquor license the restaurant had just received.

“But we can serve beer and wine only here, and Andy, as far as I saw, had only a little bit of red wine,” he said.

Nguyen said his cooks left at 10 that night and the guests, including Quach, left a little before 11.

“I asked Andy where he was going and he said he didn’t get enough to eat at my restaurant, so he was going to go out somewhere else and have dinner,” he said. “I don’t know where he went after he left my restaurant.”

Hall said that person told police that he was eating and drinking with friends, including Quach, at West Coast and that they were drinking whiskey. The California Department of Alcohol and Beverage Control is also investigating this incident, Hall said.

Tran and Carona

Bad boys, bad boys what’cha gonna do?

Priceless!  Quach’s pals on the Westminster Planning Commission approved the liquor license for the restaurant in question – and now Quach’s DUI might cause them to lose the license altogether!

As for Tran, he is DONE.  Fortunately local Republicans have another candidate in the race against Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez.  And I can tell you that Quang X. Pham is a law-abiding gentleman – unlike Tran and Quach.

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