The time to stand, be heard and fight is now! There will be no tomorrow.

Obama Apocalypse

All too often in the process of living our lives, we don’t pay attention to what is going on around us, we are busy with our family, friends, our careers, taking the kids to school, planning our weekends, and so on. And that is OK. We slowly slip away from politics and government until the next election rolls around, where we “wake up” and get involved to some extent. Some contribute money, time, or participate, by supporting local or national representatives. Others simply vote for their candidate, some don’t vote at all. In most cases if “our” guy wins or loses we don’t see any impact on our day to day lives. While many complain about taxes or spending, abortion or guns we are seldom greatly affected by the changes. So we slouch into apathy and go on with our lives.

With our current political landscape, all of that has changed. Our system has now gone off the deep end; it has been allowed to continue on, unchallenged growing farther and farther from what the founding fathers had set out to create. There is no one group that can be called the “Villain,” nor is there a single group that can be the “Hero” but we are facing a very serious situation.

Our elected officials are completely out of control, at all levels of government, From the MV City Council Majority that is in a race with itself to spend down their long and hard saved reserves on special interest projects; to an appointed Orange County Sheriff, that upon replacing a convicted criminal, decided that legally issued licenses can be revoked without cause from law abiding citizens. Being informed, her deputies were in violation of state law, by riding their motorcycles on the sidewalk, in order to “radar” speeding cars. She “shared our concerns,” but the practice still continues today.

Our state leaders have carved out their own little kingdoms, where they may hand out gifts of public money to their supporters with no fear of recourse. Now in their “no fear” system they have run out of items to tax, to sell, to borrow and to steal from to fund their orgy of spending. No longer able to raise taxes, they threaten to cut most services, they portray the citizens who pay their bills as the villains, they portray the layoffs and the budget cuts on their empire are somehow our fault. They are now about to do nothing less than declare war on the residents of CA possibly releasing 27,000 prisoners out on the streets from PRISON! They are declaring war on the people of this state, so they can keep giving out money to their political special interest groups! These are not people who are in jail for unpaid parking tickets, of for smoking some weed, they are convicted Felons, who WILL RAPE, STEAL FROM, and KILL our Families! The blood of our citizens will be on the hands our own representatives!

Our Federal Government has completely discarded the Constitution. With one party control of Congress and the White House, both now and over the past 8 years, we have seen new “Entitlements” come out of thin air, hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars have been squandered on companies that have made poor business decisions, wildly loaning money to people who had no chance of ever paying it back. When the house of cards inevitably fell apart, rather than let them fail, their greed was rewarded with taxpayer funds. We now have a Government that has stolen two of the big three automakers, throwing the traditional bankruptcy rules, and protections out the window and that same Government now owns them with the Unions. The bondholders were thrown to the wolves by their own government. They now socially engineer our lives, just like mommy and daddy did when you were young…”I’ll help you pay for that car, but you have to buy what I tell you to” and like lemmings millions of them were bought with their own tax money. Three times more than planned, unpaid dealers, and the destruction of the other markets involved with older cars. Such as repair, parts, junkyards, free market be dammed! We will now break the Camels back with the Public Healthcare Option. Regardless of what we are told, this option has clearly been written to put as many people, legal or not, on the healthcare dependence list. Make no mistake about it; if this passes we are done.
All too often the basic lessons of economics and freedom, are lost not only on our representatives, but on the people as well. They have all forgotten that anything the government can give you, they must first take away from somebody else. This country was founded on rugged individualism, not on groveling to the State to provide for you. We do not have the right to provide everything to everybody, our current politicians would dismiss as “Extremist, Racist and Right wing nut jobs” Great men Like Jefferson, and Madison. They would in turn ask where is our country.

If we do not stop this progressive and ongoing seizure of our liberty NOW, we will never get it back. The majority of Americans are comfortable not doing anything, because in the past it has not cost us anything, this is no longer the case.

The town halls are the American equivalent of Tiananmen Square. We can all look back at the image, 20 years ago, of a single person standing up, in front of 4 tanks, and they were stopped in their tracks! But one person can only stand alone for so long, before they get crushed, we must rush to join those brave few who have stepped up, and confronted their “leaders”. A lone woman standing up to Sen. Specter at the town hall, standing alone, voice quivering, making herself heard! This is the American Equivalent of that picture! The opposition, recognizing the power of this one person, ridiculed those who rushed to her side, calling them Nazi’s and “Astroturf” and were dismissed as “Partisans”.

We can stop them, The fight has begun! People are standing and being heard! In CA a few months ago, we blocked massive across the board tax increases! We have the Congress so afraid to “Hear” from their constituents at their own town halls, they have taken to bussing in supporters, showing their disdain for debate, they are taking phone calls during the meetings, and with their willing accomplices in the Media, are portraying those who stand and are heard, as “extremists”. But we can win, we must fight this at all levels. In the city of Mission Viejo they have just started counting Ballots to Recall a Councilman with a penchant for assault, and spending! In Orange County there are many groups, and candidates gathering to remove the appointed Sheriff. At the State level, those who promised to not raise taxes, who lied and went back on their word, are in the process of being recalled! And on the Federal Scene the Senate Majority Leader is trailing anybody and everybody who polls against him!
Now is the time, this is the place to stand up and fight! It is not going to be good enough to simply vote for YOUR congressman, we must act upon those who can effect change NOW, We must contact and pledge to support those conservative “Blue Dogs” who can put a stop to this, contact them, support them in their opposition to this bill in the house! If you can contribute to them, and they stand with us, do it! Support the opposition against Reid in Nevada, Send money, make calls, send E-mails do all you can. Stand up for race for Kennedy’s seat in MA, support the opposition candidate in the state lets take that Senate Seat! We must stand together, wherever, whenever, and however we can to STOP THIS, because if we don’t mobilize Here, Now, for this…we never will. If we do not act now, those who stood up to be heard, will soon suffer the same fate, as those who did in China 20 Years ago.

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