Santa Ana City Council to vote on Usual Suspects’ graffiti ordinance tonight

Santa Ana’s slogan used to be the “Education City.”  Now we just have a lot of graffiti…

The Santa Ana City Council will be voting tonight on the proposed Anti-Graffiti ordinance.  Click here to read the agenda item.

The proposed ordinance includes placing lien on the homes of parents of kids who are caught tagging.  However, how does making these people poorer help the situation?  And how many of these people are renters?  Will the liens be placed on landlords’ properties?  Ridiculous!

I have said it before and it bears repeating.  We already have anti graffiti laws on the books.  The city, the police and the taggers ignore these laws.  Why will new laws make a difference?

This entire waste of time ignores the real problems that we have in this city – while applying a band aid that will only make things worse.

The ordinance focuses on markers and etching devices.  However taggers are now using stickers.  This ordinance is already defunct and it hasn’t even been voted on yet!

Will the Usual Suspects’ graffiti vigilante, Thomas Gordon, get his way tonight at the City Council meeting?

You want to know what is REALLY driving this effort?  Check out these comments from Usual Suspects over at the graffiti ordinance article posted online by the O.C. Register:

  • How about an illegal alien crack down!
  • rather than having them pay for their mistakes, we should just kill them so we’ll know for sure it will not happen again
  • They should also inforce so many cars per households. My parents cul-de-sac is a joke, it should be considered a safety hazard.
  • Why not deport just them, whether they are illegal or not?
  • Dear God, get some guts to improve this town and stop worrying about people who don’t even vote.
  • STOP TEACHING THEM TO READ AND WRITE! Without knowledge of an alphabet they will be helpless.
  • This is a great proposal! See to get petitions to stop anchor babies once and for all.
  • No worry, though. When Obama finalizes making this a socialist nation the goverment will be able to go in and remove the illegals that are causing this problem.
  • are you serious? education do no good for these scumbags..
  • Imagine how much crime could be stopped by removing their thumbs instead.

If the City Council approves this ordinance they will be playing right into the Usual Suspects hands…

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