O.C. Supervisor Janet Nguyen says she did not have a DUI

Janet Nguyen's DUI

Orange County Supervisor Janet Nguyen has been forced to issue a press release announcing that she did not have a DUI, after someone with a similar name had a DUI in the San Jose area, according to the Little Saigon Insider blog.

Here is her release:

Dear Community Members:

In the past few days, numerous mass emails have been sent and circulated in the Vietnamese-American Community, alluding to a DUI conviction by an individual with the name of Janet Tran Nguyen. A rhetorical question was also raised in these emails, asking “who is this Janet Nguyen?” The ambiguous nature of the emails with their obvious reference to Supervisor Janet Nguyen may lead some members of the community to be confused. Therefore, this letter shall serve as an official response from Supervisor Janet Nguyen.

Supervisor Janet Nguyen does not have any DUI conviction, or, for that matter, any history of prior offense. Any attempt by individuals to insinuate that she does in order to re-direct negative public opinion away from them is malicious and ill-conceived. A cursory review of the information with respect to the legal name and description of the person referred to in the emails readily shows that she is not, indeed, the Supervisor. The middle name is different, and the individual in the conviction is four inches shorter than the Supervisor. Other than a common first and last name, there are no similarities between the Supervisor and this individual. The individuals who attempted to defraud the public in this way should not think that the public is so gullible that a juvenile stunt like this would work…..

Is it just me or is this an overreaction on Nguyen’s part?  The fact is, on many evenings you can find her and her allies getting sauced over at the Azteca Restaurant in Garden Grove.  At least that was the case last year when I was still on speaking terms with her.  My guess is that she is now watching her drinking so she doesn’t end up with a DUI – like the one Westminster Councilman Andy Quach had.

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