Mansoor is getting bigger every day

We should all be worried, Mansoor is getting bigger and bigger everyday. Not only Latinos ought to be scratching their heads, but also “chinitos”, “turcos” and all the immigrant family in Orange County, from Fullerton to San Juan Capistrano.

Months before the 2010 election, Allan Mansoor’s piggy bank has gained a few extra pounds. So far he’s gotten more than $150.000 in campaign funds for his state assembly run. It’s time for OC residents to take the Honorary Minuteman and Mayor of Costa Mesa seriously.

Whether we like or not, what Mansoor has been able to accomplish is quite impressive, especially if we consider his lacking academic background -no “real” college degree- and his lack of a moderate political base. He’s been known for making friends in the most radical groups of the county. Jim Gilchrist, Martin H. Millard, Barbara Coe, to name a few, are his buddies. He’s been a jailer for most of his life and doesn’t have a woman. In some social conservative circles, not having a girl is considered a big sin.

Before people make wrong assumptions on the woman issue, Mansoor doesn’t seem to be gay either. At least his record shows that way. A few years ago, when he decided to get into politics, he wrote scathing articles against homosexuals on a local Costa Mesa website. And we all know that he’s got a special dislike for Latinos. Anything coming from Santa Ana is no good for him. If you have a Mexican name, such as Cuauhtémoc, Xochitl or Gustavo (sorry my friend), you better changed it to something more European sound prior to attempting to engage in some business deal with the city of Costa Mesa. In short, Mansoor is an intolerant guy.

With all these negative traits, Mansoor has been able to do good with other more mainstream OC conservatives recently. That’s why he’s got more money than any other candidate this far, and that’s why OC residents, particularly the Vietnamese community, must take him seriously. Costa Mesans didn’t do their job when he started out his political stint. They are now paying the price for underestimating him.

Humberto Caspa

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