Local red and blue blogs foundering

Pity the poor bloggers at the fading Red County and the Liberal OC blogs.  While they are spending more and more of their time bashing us, their numbers just aren’t holding up of late.

According to Blognetnews.com’s weekly political blog influence index, we are currently rated #2, while Red County/OC is all the way down at #20.

And Alexa.com shows (see the graphic above) that the Orange Juice blog is absolutely trashing all the local blogs in the very important search category.

And check out our annual Sitemeter statistics in the graphic below:

Red County does not allow anyone to see their readership data, but the Liberal OC does, and it ain’t pretty:

Maybe Red County and the Liberal OC would do better if they weren’t such one-sided hacks for their respective political parties?  When you consider the low ratings or our California State Legislators, our Governor and the U.S. Congress, it is obvious that the voters don’t trust the red and blue parties anymore.

Our promise to you here at the Orange Juice is that we will report all sides – we will go after bad red and blue politicians.  And NONE of us are paid political hacks.  We do what we do as a public service, period.  This is a blog with NO political consultants or P.R. hacks on staff.  I will NEVER allow such people to blog for me.

Thanks for making the Orange Juice blog the #1 political blog in Orange County!

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