It’s baaaaaack!


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Just when you thought the ignorance and the gullibility had cleared up, there they go again. The American people have clearly moved on from the public option, knowing it will do absolutely nothing to “reform” their health care, except maybe kill it as they know it and deliver every single patient into the hands of bureaucrats and tort lawyers. But when you’re beholden to the foaming at the mouth, hate spewing, “don’t have a single thing they disagree with Western Europe Socialism”  fanatics that are your Democrat Party core, well, then you press on! Denigrating American health care as a means to get more government hasn’t worked so far and they will only fall farther behind. Independents now only support this administration 46% to 44% and support for ObamaCare has cratered among these center-right voters.

The bipartisan face of health reform is “NO PUBLIC OPTION”. Hows that hope and change workin for ya?

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