‘Evil and Orwellian’ : John Campbell and other US conservatives misrepresent NHS


Incumbent Representative for the 48th Congressional District, John Campbell, has NO town hall meetings about Health Care scheduled.    He will not be taking questions nor will he be giving answers to his constituents about their health care concerns to help shape the new reforms.  Instead, he and his political cronies are busy pushing misinformation about the British health care system, National Health Service (NHS).   Not content to keep the fear mongering at the “Birther” level of slimy tactics to oppose President Barack Obama at every turn, Campbell continues to UN-represent us with his self-serving agenda to deny needed health care reform.  LINK

John Campbell:  No informational Town Halls.  Co-sponsor of the so-called “Birther Bill”.  Right-wing obstructionist for health care reform.   Gee, John, you’ve just got it ALL going on for Orange County, now don’t you?  AND you managed to bring your shameful shilling to an international stage for the world to see.    Sheesh…..

Orange Juice readers, Do you think this fringe political nut accurately represents the general population of the 48th Congressional District?   We’ll find out in next year’s elections when he runs against the former Mayor of Irvine, Beth Krom.    John Campbell SERIOUSLY needs a good TIME OUT from the political spotlight!

In the meantime, here comes the British reaction to Republican attacks against the British healthcare system – This is from The Guardian in a story titled ” ‘Evil and Orwellian’ – America’s right turns its fire on NHS.”        LINK

A $1.2m television advertising campaign bankrolled by the conservative Club for Growth displays images of the union flag and Big Ben while intoning a figure of $22,750. A voiceover says: “In England, government health officials have decided that’s how much six months of life is worth. If a medical treatment costs more, you’re out of luck.” [SNIP]

The degree of misinformation is causing dismay in NHS circles. Andrew Dillon, chief executive of the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, pointed out that it was utterly false that Kennedy would be left untreated in Britain: “It is neither true nor is it anything you could extrapolate from anything we’ve ever recommended to the NHS.” [SNIP]

As myths and half-truths circulate, British diplomats in the US are treading a delicate line in correcting falsehoods while trying to stay out of a vicious domestic dogfight over the future of American health policy. [SNIP]

Rick Scott and other anti-healthcare lobbyists tricked unsuspecting Britts into misrepresenting the NHS  according to exploited women in the above video.  Two British women who have become the unwitting stars of a campaign to derail Barack Obama’s healthcare reforms yesterday said that their views on the NHS had been misrepresented.    More at the LINK

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