CRP Vice Chairman Jon Fleischman is an idiot

Jon Fleischman

Why does anyone care what Jon Fleischman has to say?

“California Republican Party leaders, in a move that could reshape state primary-election politics, are preparing a move to bar decline-to-state voters – now 20 percent of the electorate – from casting a GOP ballot in statewide and legislative primaries,” according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

And who is leading the charge of the stupid brigade?  None other than California Republican Party Vice Chairman Jon Fleischman, the former public relations hack for disgraced criminal Mike Carona, who used to be Sheriff of Orange County.  Fleischman also owns the “Flash Report,” a GOP blog that has very few readers.

Fleischman says his proposal will strengthen the party – how will that happen when it will push independents out of the primary – and right into the Democratic Party’s arms?  Studies show that these voters tend to vote blue again in the general elections.

I guess Fleischman wants his party to go extinct.  His strategy is to hate independents, Mexicans, gays and moderates.  What kind of political strategy is that?  What a complete pendejo!

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