Confessions of A Conflicted Republican


Now I feel guilty.  See what you think.

I sent a hundred bucks to the Republian Party.  Its not perfect, but its our best shot at responsible limited government.  Now I can hardly look in my in-box without a mailer from the party begging for yet more money.  They send id cards, they send buttons.  Mailers aren’t cheap, and it won’t be long before my hundie is dissolved into thrown away junk mail.

The worst of this genre is the “survey.”  I naively open these and fill them out thinking it will be a means of trumpeting my side of the Culture War, by singing the praises of low taxes and economic freedom and coaxing the GOP to more of a central position on social issues and the basic separation of church and state.  But the questions are absurdly leading, and always conclude with a pitch for more money.  I kind of doubt that any money is wasted by actually processing those survey results.

So some poor guy called me at work with a pitch for how Obama is “an empty suit” (he can’t have believed that in a literal sense), and how I must be grateful for the latest pin to show up in my mailbox.  I interrupted him to say I’m not sending any more money this year, and I feel like all I’ve sent in has gone to sending me mailers for more.  “I’m not going to respond to that,” quoth he.

So now I feel guilty.  I used to work as a phone solicitor for L.A. County Republican HQ.  He was only doing his job.  I’m creating bad karma.  Its painful to be me.

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