Bringing Guns to Protests: Is that EVER a good idea?

In a town hall meeting in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, protester William Kostric brought a loaded sidearm with him.   Is it EVER a good idea to bring a loaded gun to a protest?  Especially to a place where the President of the United States will be?    Watch the clip above.

It is LEGAL to carry guns in New Hampshire.  Kostric concludes that it would have been a safer crowd if everyone at the town hall carried guns.  Mr. Kostric voted for Ron Paul for President in last year’s election.

Although Mr. Kostric made a fair case for himself, I think it opened up the door for others who will want to bring guns for more deadly purposes.

UPDATE:    A preliminary background check from Salon’s, Joan Walsh   – “Who was that gun-toting, anti-Obama protester?”

On the Web, William Kostric backs Birthers, secessionists and shooting cops who bust drug dealers in their homes    More at the     LINK


Kostric and his poster referencing spilling of blood.

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