Talibani Family Action PAC endorses Allan Mansoor for 68th Assembly District

The Talibani Republican group known as the “Family Action PAC” has announced its endorsement of Costa Mesa Councilman Allan Mansoor for the 68th Assembly District.

Attention DPOC.  As bad as Assemblyman Van Tran is I assure you Mansoor will be worse.  Tran is corrupt but he is also conniving.  Mansoor will just be a tool for the right wing nuts in his party.  You guys better convince Costa Mesa Councilwoman Katrina Foley to run for this seat – pronto.  She is your ONLY hope to win this seat, period.

My sources report that perennial Dem congressional candidate Steve Young is eyeballing this seat.  HE WILL LOSE.  Don’t be stupid DPOC!  Foley is the only one that can beat Mansoor.  Ignore this warning at your own peril

Here is the Family Action PAC’s press release.  Don’t read this on a full stomach.   You might puke!:

Family Action PAC Endorses Mansoor

Costa Mesa, California – The Family Action PAC, formed in July of 2000 to focus on business, family, and social issues, has endorsed Costa Mesa Mayor Allan Mansoor for the 68th Assembly District.

Family Action PAC supports initiatives and men and women for public office who respect the heritage and traditions of our founding fathers and support the long-standing core values of both the Republican Party and, most importantly, the pro-family movement. Their focus is on business, social, and family issues and they support initiatives and local and state candidates that will affect Orange County and California.

“I am honored to have the support of the Family Action PAC which represents men and women of principle and commitment to the foundations of our nation,” said Mansoor. “Too often our policy-makers look past these moral considerations in addressing the challenges we face and I understand the fundamental necessity of those foundations to a civil society.”

Allan Mansoor is an Orange County Deputy Sheriff and mayor of Costa Mesa. He is a Republican candidate for the 68th Assembly District, currently represented by Van Tran, who will not seek reelection due to term limits.

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