Red County Republicans started a blog war they cannot win

At a time that Republicans ought to be battling the worst economic proposals of the Democrats, the local red-faced mob over at the Red County blog is instead picking fights with local Libertarians. Now three blogs, including this one, are engaged in a blog war with Red County – and the red boys aren’t faring well at all.

Red County editor Chip Hanlon got the ball rolling earlier this month when he went after the O.C. Register’s Steven Greenhut, who is the editor of the Orange Punch blog.  Hanlon slammed Greenhut for being anti-war and for being a Libertarian.

Our blogger Tony Bushala then picked up the gauntlet as his Friend’s for Fullerton’s Future blog went after Hanlon’s blog monkey, Matt “Jerbal” Cunningham, in a post about the race for the 4th Supervisorial District.  Jerbal and his pals are actually backing a Democrat in that race against an authentic conservative, Fullerton Councilman Shawn Nelson.

We had some fun poking at Jerbal for an op-ed he wrote in the O.C. Register, about the proposed plastic bag tax.  We wondered if Jerbal might in fact be getting paid by the Plastic Bag Association.

Then Greenhut struck back with a series of posts that turned the tables on the clowns at Red County. In a post entitled “Who are the real extremists?” Greenhut outed one of the crazies at Red County, David Bahnsen, who “has long ties to Christian Reconstructionism, a form of fundamentalist Christianity that seeks to impose Old Testament law on society.”  Imagine that.  The red-faced clowns want to bring back the practice of stoning people to death!

In a subsequent post Greenhut outed the Red-faced nuts again in a post entitled “Red County: Abridge religious freedom for Muslims.”  Here is an excerpt:

Chip Hanlon, the local GOP activist and enforcer of the Republican mainstream over at the Red County blog, has been depicting most libertarians and Ron Paul voters as extremists. He should peruse his own Web site if he wants to find examples of wackiness. In a July 15 column, writer Jan McDaniel explains the Islamic threat to America and recommends that America abridge First Amendment rights for Muslims legally living in this country and the re-establishment of the 1940 version of the Alien Registration Act. There are reasonable points in the column, but some of this stuff is extremist nonsense:

Domestically, we should rewrite our sedition law, the Smith Act, to the original 1940 standards in order to resist the attempt to establish Islamic law in America. We should follow Russia’s lead in not allowing further building of mosques or Islamic schools in America until Saudi Arabia reciprocates. We should stop immediately all immigration by sharia-compliant Muslims.

Allan Bartlett, who actually blogs for Red County, ripped his own publisher in a comment posted to this story, “Good one Steven. Chip running around like the GOP head policeman on what constitutes a good Republican and in the meantime the Dems are busy ramming through things like socialized medicine and huge new taxes from the cap & tax bill. Real productive use of time.”

I don’t know why Bartlett continues to associate with these Talibani Republicans.  I know he is a fan of Ron Paul.  Bahnsen referred to Paul today as a “moral and political shame.”  Really?  I would think that phrase would apply to John Ensign and Mark Sanford more than Ron Paul.

Jerbal himself replied thusly, “But that’s the thing about red County: we have bloggers expressing differing opinions within a right-of-center philosophical framework. I dare say we have more diversity of opinion than your publication.”

Diversity of opinion?  No way!  It’s more like “Dumb and Dumber!”  The Red County Republicans are just plain nuts.  They should make Sarah Palin their mascot as she too is cuckoo for cocoa puffs!

In this blog war there are now three blogs chipping away at what is left of Red County’s reputation.  KFI’s John and Ken put it best.  Red County is a blog for Republican Kool Aid drinkers.  We can only hope that they are sipping on Guyana Kool Aid!

My advice to you if you are still a member of the GOP is to QUIT TODAY.  The Republicans destroyed the global economy.  They invaded Iraq with no good reason and spent trillions of tax dollars on that stupid war.  They are moralists who cannot keep their own peckers in their pants.  They are haters who wonder why they are losing voters even as they have turned off an entire generation of young Americans.  The GOP no longer represents a remotely conservative point of view.  They are no better than the Democrats. QUIT today and you will feel a whole lot better. Register as a Decline to State voter or as a Libertarian.  Don’t let the GOP count on you anymore – they don’t deserve you, period.

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