Long Beach Unified and the SAUSD both support higher taxes and have corrupt unions

The Santa Ana Unified School District and the Long Beach Unified School District have much in common, including lame school boards and corrupt school administrations and teachers unions.

For awhile they had even more in common in the form of now-retired Santa Ana teacher David Barton.  He was the head of the Santa Ana Educators Association for some time.  He also is a board member at Long Beach Unified.

And now Barton is embroiled in a haze of union corruption that has led to the takeover of the Teachers Association of Long Beach (TALB) by the California Teachers Association (CTA).

Here is an excerpt from the National Legal and Policy Center about this scandal:

TALB officials used $39,629 for political purposes from its nonpolitical accounts. Of that, $10,667 went for miscellaneous campaign expenses such as postage, banners and photography. The union also issued a check from its general fund in August 2006 to attorney Frederick Woocher to pay for unspecified legal fees likely related to defending local school board candidates David Barton, Michael Shane Ellis and Jim Deaton. In all, TALB spent $543,481 on the 2006 elections, or $53,000 more than the sum shown on the union ledger and about $163,500 more than what the local executive board had budgeted. In other words, even if the outlays matched the ledger, there’s still around $110,000 unaccounted for.

As President of the SAEA, Barton was perfectly comfortable endorsing the horrible SAUSD Trustee incumbents Rob Richardson and Jose Hernandez, last year.  He made sure they got a ton of union money.  Then he looked the other way while SAUSD administrators and teachers were pressured into giving more money to Richardson and Hernandez.

Barton also supported the passage of an unnecessary tax increase last year in the form of Measure G, which was yet another bond measure for the SAUSD.  Jane Russo, the SAUSD Superintendent, hired a corrupt uneducated guy who was run out of CAPO to manage the Measure G construction.  Sure enough, the first thing he did was remodel the SAUSD administrative offices, particularly his own.

Guess what the useless Barton is doing now?  The Long Beach Unified School Board recently “approved to place a $92 annual parcel tax on the November ballot to help fund school district operations and close one-third of the expected deficit for next year and beyond,” according to the Long Beach Post.

“We keep underestimating the size of the problem,” said David Barton, in support of the high $92 size of the annual tax.

It sounds like Barton is admitting that he and his fellow School Board members aren’t up to the job!

God only knows why Barton needed legal defense as a member of the Long Beach Unified School District’s Board of Trustees.  I can only imagine what sort of hijinks he was involved in…

UPDATE: Isn’t it interesting?  The story we reported on here, from the National Legal and Policy Center, broke on March 12, 2009.  Guess what?  David Barton’s letter of resignation to the SAEA was also dated March 12, 2009.  Coincidence?

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