Laguna Woods Village RECALL

Yes, there is another active RECALL effort in south Orange County. Across the freeway from Mission Viejo is the city of Laguna Woods that includes the gated senior community of Laguna Woods Village. Laguna Woods Village has a population of 18,000 residents living in 12,300 manors. This guard gated community is managed by Professional Community Management Inc., known by residents as PCM. Under PCM are four management associations. Golden Rain Foundation, GRF responsible for the common areas, United Laguna Hills Mutual, 3rd Laguna Hills Mutual (condo’s) and 50’s Laguna Hills Mutual (responsible for the high rise towers).
In my discussion with former United Board Member Connie Grundke I was told that the recall committee was able to get almost double the number of petitions required to force this recall election (which was covered by the Register in today’s local section).

In one of my property rights speaking engagements in Laguna Woods Village I met United Board Member Mike Curtis who is the individual acknowledged for starting the recall effort. My perception of Mike is someone willing to volunteer his time and talents for the good of his neighbors.

Above is the actual RECALL Ballot which in itself raises a few questions starting with the sequence. Normally the first line after asking the question reads: “shall Director X be recalled?” This is always with a first option to say YES with a second box to read NO. As you look at the ballot residents have a unique opportunity not found in traditional elected official ballots. In this ballot the voters can abstain. Sounds like someone famous for voting “present.”
Connie informs me that the vote by mail ballot will be sent out in the next week with a return date set at 9 a.m. on August 21st.
While there are issues dealing with PCM General Manager Milt Johns, the big issue which triggered the recall, was his decision, dating back to 1996, to set up a “stealth bonus plan” without the knowledge or approval of any Board. No bonus details were ever provided in any of the four corporations financial reports.
It was only after an inadvertent mention of the bonus plan, where it leaked out, that PCM G.M. Milt Johns acknowledged the “plan.”
Connie said that “bonus’s are paid to hourly employees for safety and attendance.” Those bonus’s are warranted and “fully transparent in the financials.”
He stated that the problem is that “a non-profit expenditure of this bonus plan requires board approval.”

Stay tuned. I will provide the results once their recall election is held.

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