O.C. city officials to oppose proposed budget at a press conference in Santa Ana today

Just received the following announcement:

CONTACT: Tony Cardenas (714) 425-5558


Media Advisory: City Officials and Taxpayer Advocates Hold Press Conference Wednesday, July 22 at 2:00 p.m. to Condemn State Budget Deal as a Reckless and Irresponsible Ponzi Scheme

What: The state budget proposal being voted on by the Legislature later this week will put cities at grave risk. California’s legislative leaders and the Governor have agreed on a proposal to balance¨ the state budget with illegal raids of local government gas tax and redevelopment funds, as well as a “loan¨ of local government property tax dollars that is unlikely to be repaid.

The Orange County Division of the League of California Cities Board of Directors, including Laguna Hills Council Member Allan Songstad, Tustin Mayor Pro Tem Jerry Amante, Lake Forest Mayor Pro Tempore Peter Herzog, Laguna Niguel Mayor Robert Ming, Westminster Mayor Margie Rice, Fullerton Mayor Pro Tem Pam Keller, Fountain Valley Council Member Cheryl Brothers, La Palma Mayor Mark Waldman, other Orange County city officials and Taxpayer Advocates will hold a news conference on Wednesday, July 22, to denounce the Big 5 budget deal as nothing more than a Ponzi Scheme impacting local city services including public safety and transportation.

When: Wednesday, July 22, at 2:00 p.m.
Where: Orange County Division Office
600 West Santa Ana Blvd.
Santa Ana, CA 92701
Allan Songstad, Council Member, Laguna Hills
Jerry Amante, Mayor Pro Tem, City of Tustin
Robert Ming, Mayor, Laguna Niguel
Peter Herzog, Mayor Pro Tem, City of Lake Forest
Margie Rice, Mayor, Westminster
Pam Keller, Mayor Pro Tem, Fullerton
Mark Waldman, Mayor, City of La Palma
Gil Coerper, Council Member, Huntington Beach
Richard Dixon, Council Member, City of Lake Forest
City officials from throughout Orange County
F.I.S.T and other Local Taxpayer Advocate Groups
BACKGROUND: Eighty four percent of voters passed Proposition 1A in 2004, preventing state raids of local government revenues. Seventy-seven percent of California voters passed a second Prop. 1A in 2006 to ensure state sales tax on gasoline is used only for transportation projects and improvements. These overwhelming votes should have sent an unequivocal mandate to Sacramento policymakers. However, the Legislature is talking about raiding local government as part of a borrowing scheme.
Borrowing local government and transportation dollars is bad fiscal policy. The money must be repaid in three years with steep interest, which will put the state further in the red. Additionally, even a short term deferral of these funds will derail critical public safety, transportation and transit services in communities throughout Orange County. It¡¦s a direct assault on the will of California voters, who have overwhelmingly passed measures to protect these funds from such raids and borrowing.

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